Can I use Polaroid Premium Backlit Film in any printer?

Polaroid Premium Backlit Film is inkjet-printable, so whether you’re at home or in the office, this photo film is designed to be compatible with Epson®, Canon®, HP® and other major brand inkjet printers. It is not compatible with laser printers or impact printers.

Can I print other designs or artwork onto Polaroid Premium Backlit Film?

Yes! The Composer tool allows you to upload any JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) image file so you can be creative.

What resolution is recommended for image files?

Although any resolution can be uploaded, it’s best that the file is at least 640 x 480 pixels for clear, quality printing.

What side of the Polaroid Premium Backlit Film do I print on?

The correct side to be printed on is the matte (dull) side of the photo film. The glossy (shiny) side of the film will become the backside of your backlit photo. Be careful – the ink will not properly penetrate the glossy (shiny) side and it will ruin the photo film.

Look for the paper direction icon on your inkjet printer. Polaroid Premium Backlit Film only works with inkjet printers.

Paper Icons
I don’t want to ruin my photo film. How do I avoid printing on the wrong side of the film?

We highly recommend that you print a test page using regular paper first to make sure you know the correct orientation to insert the Polaroid Premium Backlit Film into your inkjet printer, as described in the next step.

Mark an 'X' or another identifying mark on a sheet of regular blank paper and insert it into your color inkjet printer. Pay attention to which side the mark is facing when you insert into the printer.

Print the page of photos (or any other one-page file of your choice) onto that test page to see which side of that paper your printer prints on. This will show you how to insert the backlit film into your printer the correct way. At this time, you should also make sure that your inkjet printer has enough ink for quality printing. Once you have determined which side of the paper your printer prints onto and that your inkjet printer has enough ink, insert a sheet of backlit film into your printer with the glossy (shiny) side AWAY from the side to be printed onto. THE CORRECT SIDE TO BE PRINTED ON IS THE MATTE (DULL) SIDE.

If the test print quality is poor, make sure your inkjet printer heads are clean and properly aligned before printing on the photo film. Inkjet printers can automatically clean and align themselves once you initiate the process. Refer to your inkjet printer’s manual for instructions on automatic cleaning and aligning.

What printer settings should I use to get the best quality photos?

When the print window appears, you may have the option to customize your printer settings/preferences. If possible, in “Printer Settings” or “Printing Preferences” change the “Print Quality” to “Best” and change “Paper Type” to “Photo Paper - Matte.” If the print window does not show the option to adjust printer settings/preferences, click the link that reads “Print using system dialog…(Ctrl+Shift+P)” and a new print window will open that has a preferences button. Change the “Print Quality” to “Best” and change “Paper Type” to “Photo Paper - Matte.”

Note: Browser and printer program setting options may vary. Select the settings that most closely match the recommendations above.

How many photos can I get out of each 8.5” x 11” sheet of Polaroid Premium Backlit Film?

You can print 8 photos on each 8.5” x 11” sheet of Polaroid Premium Backlit Film. It’s true that most of our Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes have only 5 frames. We recommend that you upload photos to fill all 8 spaces. This will allow you to print a few extras so you can see what images work best in the frames and to give you the option to swap some photos out when you’d like. Not to mention, this allows a little room for error if cropping or cutting doesn’t go as planned. You can also save the extra printed photos for other creative projects.

You will not be able to re-print on Polaroid Premium Backlit Film, especially after it’s been cut, so it’s best to fill the full sheet before printing.

Where can I buy more Polaroid Premium Backlit Film?

Polaroid Premium Backlit Film is currently exclusive to Visit to learn more.

Can I touch the Polaroid Premium Backlit Film with my bare hands?

Yes, however, to ensure you have the optimal outcome, it’s best to handle the film with care. Avoid touching the matte (dull) side of the photo film before and after printing as it may affect the quality of your photo prints.

Are there any good tips for cutting out my photos?

Of course! We’ve tried to make cutting out your photos as simple as possible by providing gridlines on the photo film. Or if you prefer, the clear acrylic sheets in the Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes are the exact size of the final photo, so they can serve as an easy-to-use trimming guide.

Be careful not to touch the printed side of the photos to minimize fingerprints, smudges and scratches.

Can I use Polaroid Premium Backlit Film for other projects?

Yes! Feel free to get creative – high quality scrapbooks, personalized gifts and mementos are all possible with Polaroid® Premium Backlit Film.

FAQs – Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes

Can I print and display my photos in portrait and/or landscape formats (vertically or horizontally)?

Yes. Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes are designed to be flexible. Each frame has two power ports so each image can be displayed either vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape). After your photo is cut out, the top of your image should be installed nearest to one of the power ports. The photo will hang centered below the power port.

Can I connect multiple strings of Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes together?

Yes! You can string up to 5 lightbox strings together using the same power source – that’s 25 illuminated photo frames!

Do I need to connect Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes to the included battery pack? Or can I just use the AC adapter?

In order to control the functionality of the lightboxes, you need to connect Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes to the included battery pack, with or without batteries. You can still plug into a power source using the included AC adapter instead of using batteries, but the mechanics of the product and infrared sensor for the remote control are housed in the battery pack.

It’s best to keep the battery pack facing up, with the infrared sensor visible and unobscured, to ensure proper remote control function.

What’s the best way to hang my Polaroid Photo Frame String Lightboxes?

Once your photos are installed in each frame, with the top of each photo nearest to a power port, plug each of the five photo lightbox frames into the power harness.

On the back of each frame, you’ll notice a couple “D” rings. We recommend you hang each photo frame from the “D” ring, rather than hanging using only the string. This will keep your photo lightboxes secure and stable.

Do not secure the string/wiring with staples or nails, or place on sharp hooks or nails.

How do I work the remote control?

When using your remote control for the first time, remove the clear plastic tab on the back of the remote.

Here’s a map of your remote control and available functions.

Remote Control
How do I control the timer?

Press the Timer button to activate the auto power-off timer. Frames will operate six hours on and then 18 hours off. When the timer is activated, a green LED on top of the battery pack will illuminate.

What if I still have questions?

The products' detailed user manuals are a great source for more in depth instructions. If you are still stuck, we can help! Call our Customer Support Team 1-866-765-3686 (Toll Free).

User Manuals